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Simplify processes and your operations in the hospitality industry for your growing business.

Fully scalable

Focus on your passion. Let us streamline your operations so you can keep doing what you love. We act as the central platform for all your marketing automation, event management, registration, attendance monitoring, inventory, sales channels, order fulfillment and planning

Accounting Integration

You can now control and manage both your project, inventory and planning in the same platform and in real time. Automatically link invoices with sales orders and purchase orders, removing double entries and human errors.

Relationship management

We understand the important role your contacts play in your business eco-system, which is why our Customer Relationship Management module allows you to set up, manage, and contact your customers and suppliers with ease and flexibility.


Ticketo is a ticket service provider for your event. We offer ticket solutions for all sorts events available. Registration, ticket sales, guest lists, attendance monitoring and check in during you event will be available in the cloud. If needed, Ticketo will provide offline solutions on-site. The tickets are available in QR-code, barcode, NFC (Cards or bracelet), reference number or as a guestlist.


Hospito Crew

Are you looking for a crew to assist your event? The Hospito Crew is at your disposal in several categories. We provide a comprehensive group of motivated event staff.

Website & Application

Promote your event with an event website and native app. We arrange the domain registration and web-hosting to get started in no-time. A content management system will be easily editable and can be fully customized for your needs. Contact us for more information!

Print Management Solutions

Our system has a cloud based integrated printing management solution. All your printing will be taken care off and delivered to your home or remote location with ease and flexibility. If you need any assistance with the design of your products, our dedicated team is happy to assist you at any given time. Contact us for more information.

Cashless Payment Solution

Processing your guests payment with your personalized card or NFC bracelet. The data can be shown real-time on your event dashboard. No hassle anymore with bringing your wallet. It is possible for your guest to get digital tokens to pay for their drinks or food. If you are interested, request a demo now!

Interactive Social Media

Social media is booming. Let us help you to connect to your guests with ease. It is possible to use our Social Check-in features to interact with your guests while they are visiting your event. Interactive Social media post, Social Photobooth, Share your memories and gather insights in their preferences.

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